Welcome to our [digital] home! 

If you were in our actual home, we would invite you in to sit with us and have some coffee or sweet tea or whatever it is you like! Then we would want to know all about you and answer all your questions. But since we can't hand you a drink from here, we will do the best we can. Let's start with our introductions...


{CEO-President / "The lead Dreamer"}

Hello & welcome! I own and head up Pick Unix Personnel Agency - I started the business and began recruiting over 28 years ago and work with an amazing group of people. I share this with you so that you know there is plenty of expertise in our team and you are in good hands with us

My "official" title of recruiter doesn't quite have my preferred ring to it. When I describe the name of my job, I like to use the term "professional dreamer." The clients and candidates I connect with are all important to me. With anyone I work with, I use my job to dream for their future - whether that future is looking for the ideal permanent job or searching for the perfect person to do some quick contract work for their company. 

Let me know what you are looking for and we will do our best to treat you as a lovely guest in our home. Thanks for stopping by! 


{VP / "The Reality reminder"}

Hi all. As the VP of the company, I work with our team - making sure that while we are all dreaming, we are still rooted with our feet on the ground. I work on practicals and help everyone work smoothly together. In fact, I am in charge of adjusting the focus on the "Rose-colored glasses" that our crew tends to wear. (Pun intended.)


{Head of Marketing & Technology / "The Google translator"}

Hey hey! I am the resident personified Google. As well as I can, I translate the specifics of technology and aesthetics to the rest of our family. I prefer colors to numbers, but my brain seems to work in algorithms that I don't even understand. When communicating, I use a unique vocabulary, many hand gestures, and sometimes special sound effects, if necessary. 

And Here is [some] of our recruiting team... 

Matt H. 
Carson W. 

David A.
Brian T. 

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